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A huge advantage of this process is that you can even tell how much of each substance is present — otherwise only possible using full laboratory analysis.

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There are eight — so we need to figure out which one it is.

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Bunk Police. The reactions each start at the outside of the spectrum and move towards the middle over the course of 60 seconds.

What’s a “spectrum?”

This is useful as many substances that can be mixed with cocaine will react with Marquis, like methamphetamine and various cathinones. These lines indicate a connection between the mainstream substance symbol and the adulterant chemical name on the left.

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This looks more similar to the reaction for 2C-B than for ethylone — so 2C-B is our most likely answer. That leaves us with just 2C-B and ethylone.

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The image below is a substance symbol key. To start, flip through the booklet which is sorted by color to find any green reactions. All Rights Reserved.

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Quick tip: record your test kit reaction with your smartphone so you can replay it later, even in slow-mo. A color change will take place over the course of a minute.

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Home » Spectrum Booklets. Get In Touch. Every reaction in your booklet is also available in video form on Vimeo or through our Bunkleaks Android App. Highly recommended.

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We tested hundreds of lab verified pure substances using each one of our test kits and filmed the. The basics: Place a very small amount of your substance in a test tube.

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If you see a reaction of any kind then this means that one of these other substances is present in your sample. This indicates that you need to be concerned about ethylone when testing MDMA.

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There are two other lines on the chart that connect with the symbol for MDMA. Add one or two drops of the test kit liquid.

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Each of these symbols represent a mainstream substance — in other words, the substances that most people use our kits to test like MDMA and cocaine. You should always test for fentanyl using our FentKit strips and not with spot kits.