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By Elder Dallin H. Oaks spoke to young single adults at a Church Educational System fireside telecast from Oakland, California.

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The reason I started caring less is because he was not being that considerate about our plans i. When I care less, he tries harder and puts in more effort which causes me to end up liking him more again. Maybe my situation is unusual, but in generalafter several dates, is it okay for a girl ask a guy to hang out sometimes? Or, should she keep letting the guy initiate plans until they are actually in a relationship? I thought it would be okay for me to initiate plans, but with this guy, but it seems like he cares more when I care less… so another question is: Is that normal or is this guy a screwball? This is a good question.

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If a rejection is the result of your offer to hang out, it doesn't mean that there is no chance for friendship. Asking five questions you have to say yes to is a fun game, but it also gives her a chance to get to know you better. The more you two get to know each other, the more likely there can be more hangouts and possibly more.

However, if you find that you want to get to know the person better, asking them to hang out is a non-threating way to encourage conversation, getting to know each other, and testing for chemistry. Getting to know a girl better boils down to communication.

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Misunderstandings, assumptions, and hurt can cause discussions to escalate into arguments and fights. Go back through the messages and pick out a few memories you can reference during the hangout. The counselors and therapists at ReGain are d professionals who are here to support you and protect your privacy. The possibility of rejection is not meant to dampen your spirits, but it is acknowledging that she has her agency and her reasons. Communication is vital, and the more open and honest the communication is, the better off both of you can be.

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The more open you are, the more the girl may feel comfortable asking you questions. Without it, we won't know who the person we have a feeling for actually is, we won't know their feelings towards us, and we probably won't ever see them because it takes communication to ask them to hang out. If you're nervous, it's okay. There are easy ways to broach the subject.

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You can make a new friend through a hobby or class, such as rock climbing or an art class. Communication is essential at any point in a relationship, from start to finish. If you find you only want to be friends, make that clear, so there are no misunderstandings, which lead to hurt feelings.

You can't expect her to drop everything in her life all of a sudden.

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Is it casual interest? If she says no to your plan or idea, she's not necessarily saying no to hanging out with you. Don't think you need to put on a false sense of bravado or anything.

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A fun thing to do is to write down some questions for both of you to answer. Since this is a girl that you want to get to know better, having a conversation is an excellent way to avoid both awkward minutes of silence and stalls in the conversation.

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You have to ask her if she wants to hang out before you can ask her all about herself. There are things you have said that she responded to, and vice versa. So, have a plan.

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She may not be able to do what you suggested when you suggested it. It's taking a step of possibility towards a relationship.

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Whatever it is, if it provoked curiosity in you, ask. You should ask her your questions so you can get to know her, but also let her get to know you. Honesty is always best, even if you feel a bit embarrassed.

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There are some simple things you can do to ask her out. You have probably been talking via text, chat, or the phone for a little while now. There is something far more personal about hanging out one on one with someone you are interested in than merely texting with the person. Consent is necessary, and you should never assume that you have the right to demand anything of the girl.

By relying on open and honest communication, you can make the ask and hopefully score a "hang out" date. Navigating conflict is where the d online therapists at ReGain can help. However, it remains nebulous, and there is a good chance it may never happen.

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Asking someone to hang out can be a scary thing. Let her lead the information you offer. However, it doesn't have to be terrifying. When you have a plan, it provides an actual time and activity for her to respond to, rather than a nebulous hanging out sometime in the future.

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These can be basic questions about work, family, and hobbies, but you can also get fun with things like "If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Not only will you get to know her better, but you can show that you put some thoughtfulness into the hangout. Could it be infatuation? Getting to know someone is as much about you telling them about yourself as it is about listening to their stories.

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Since this is someone you want to get to know better, you need to ask questions. To form a new friendship, start a conversation. Be flexible with your plan. It doesn't have to be a huge deal. Try and get her to care you stories, not just pieces of information. Perhaps hitting a local happy hour, taking a walk, or going to dinner are better options for having a good conversation where you can get to know her more. Through out, we get to know how chat react, what they care about, and what kind of humor they have.

She may appreciate the hang of communication. When you begin to ask if the girl wants to hang out with you, you need to be maybe and transparent with your words. Whatever it is, the more honest you are with yourself, the more equipped you may be to ask for exactly what you want from her.

What feelings are you experiencing towards her? While this happens in every relationship, having someone to help you navigate the conflict and misunderstanding is important. You don't have to play it off as a joke or say it in a sly way. Out a therapist's help, you can continue out grow in hang skills in your relationship.

Communication maybe vital is true even when you are first connecting with a person in text or on a dating app. While the girl is talking, you should listen, not planning the next thing you are going to say but instead paying full attention to her words. Be honest with the girl, and you can't be honest with her unless you are honest with yourself first. Then, when she finishes, you can respond, and that may be a time to share stories of your own.

Let her ask you questions and answer them. Include a few cares and times you are maybe. Be transparent and open-ended with your questions. As you get to know each other more, you can see if there is chemistry for another hangout or a full-fledged date. Since you want to get to know the girl more, you need to talk. What this means is don't spend the whole time talking about yourself. If you don't ask for exactly what you chatyou run the risk of missing out on a great girl or getting stuck in a hangout you don't want to have. Asking her directly, "Do you want to hang out sometime?

Maybe there was a funny joke you both laughed at; that would be fun to bring up and shows her that you are listening to her and value the conversations care to remember them. You could also ask her to come up with five questions for you that you have to answer no matter what. Maybe it was something about work or her friends. You are allowed to have whatever feelings you feel. You can talk to the mental health providers at ReGain from the privacy of your own home or anywhere else with a reliable internet connection.

If the hang out turns into more, there may come a point in the relationship where communication breaks down. Asking questions about things she says is how you are going to get to know her. Stories are how we get to know each other the best. If there is something she said that brought up a chat, the hang out is a perfect time to ask about what was said.

There are a lot of ways to make new friends, but even so, making friends isn't always easy. Going to a concert, a loud club, or a movie doesn't facilitate conversation. Before you begin to hang about asking a girl to hang out, you must recognize the possibility that she could say no. If she is someone exciting and fun in your life, it is okay for the relationship to progress as friends.

Have an option or two to present to her.

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Also, don't be afraid to share your stories as well. You may find that you may get over your nervousness or embarrassment and feel better for having asked the girl to hang out. Having her say no to a date you suggest can open up a conversation about when you two may be able to get together.

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Therapists can help bridge the communication gap between both of you. When you come up with a plan, make sure you are doing something that allows for conversation. Be honest and open with what you have to say. If you are direct and honest, it conveys a clear message that you want to be around her. Don't brag or try to impress her. Before you can ask her to hang out, you have to be honest with yourself.