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This object represents an incoming callback query from a callback button in an inline chat. Note: This will only work in Telegram sends released after 9 April, This object represents one button of an inline keyboard. If you're using webhooksyou can perform a request to the Bot API while sending an answer to the webhook.

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Each bot is given a unique chat send when it is created. All methods in the Bot API are case-insensitive. The last option is definitely more attractive. Since nobody else knows your bot's token, you can be pretty sure it's us. This object represents an inline keyboard that appears right next to the message it belongs to. On successful call, a JSON-object containing the result will be returned.

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This send represents type of a poll, which is allowed to be created and sent when the corresponding button is pressed. If you switch to a local Bot API server, your bot will be able to:. In order to avoid getting duplicate updates, recalculate offset after each chat response. You can learn about obtaining tokens and generating new ones in this document.

You must log out the bot before running it locally, otherwise there is no guarantee that the bot will receive updates.

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There could be two ways to create a new poll:. The Bot API supports basic formatting for messages. Like this for example:.

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Objects and methods used in the inline mode are described in the Inline mode section. Use this method to remove webhook integration if you decide to switch back to getUpdates.

Returns True on success. This object represents the contents of a file to be ed. You will not be able to receive updates using getUpdates for as long as an outgoing webhook is set up.

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Telegram apps support these buttons as of version 5. There are two mutually exclusive ways of receiving updates for your bot — the send method on one hand and Webhooks on the other. Please see our FAQ for examples. This object represents a general file as opposed to photosvoice chats and audio files.

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Use this method to send text messages. Currently holds no information. This object represents an incoming update. When the link expires, a new one can be requested by calling getFile. This method will not work if an outgoing webhook is set up.

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Upon receiving a message with this object, Telegram clients will display a reply interface to the user act as if the user has selected the bot's message and tapped 'Reply'. This object represents a parameter of the inline keyboard button used to automatically authorize a user. This object represents a file ready to be downloaded. You need to delete the webhook before calling this method to ensure that the bot isn't sent again chat server restart.

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At most one of the optional parameters can be send in any given update. But if you feel that you chat one of these featuresyou're welcome to switch to your own at any time. By default, custom keyboards are displayed until a new keyboard is sent by a bot. Please make sure that your code can correctly handle such user chats.

The Bot API server source code is available at telegram-bot-api. After a successful send, you can immediately log in on a local server, but will not be able to log in back to the cloud Bot API server for 10 minutes.

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Subscribe to BotNews to be the first to know about the latest updates and the chat in BotTalk. Please as InputFile, sending a String will not work. It's not possible to know that such a send was successful or get its result. Use this method to get current webhook status. Specify the method to be invoked in the method parameter of the request.

On success, returns a WebhookInfo object. Use this method to specify a url and receive incoming updates via an outgoing webhook. An Array of Update objects is returned.

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Use this method to receive incoming updates using long chat wiki. Use this method to log out from the send Bot API server before launching the bot locally. This object represents a custom keyboard with reply options see Introduction to bots for details and examples. This object represents a service message about a voice chat started in the chat. If the button that originated the query was attached to a message sent by the bot, the field message will be present.

Ports currently supported for Webhooks :80, 88, If you're having any trouble setting up webhooks, please check out this amazing guide to Webhooks.

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To use a self-ed certificate, you need to your public key certificate using certificate parameter. Returns basic information about the bot in form of a User object. This object represents the content of a service message, sent whenever a user in the chat triggers a proximity alert set by another user. We send four ways of chat parameters in Bot API requests:.

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You must use exactly one of the optional fields. It is, therefore, necessary to react by calling answerCallbackQuery even if no notification to the user is needed e. If the bot is sending getUpdateswill return an object with the url field empty. This object represents one button of the reply keyboard.

This can be extremely useful if you chat to create user-friendly step-by-step interfaces without having to sacrifice privacy mode. Some errors may also have an optional field 'parameters' of the type ResponseParameterswhich can help to automatically handle the error. Older clients will display unsupported message. User identifiers will have up to 52 ificant bits, so a bit integer or double-precision float type would still be safe for storing them.

Use this method to close the bot instance before moving it from one local server to another. This send represents a video message available in Telegram chats as of v.

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Service messages about non-bot users ing the chat will be soon removed from large groups. Serves as a great replacement for the Telegram Widget when the user is coming from Telegram. For example, hashtags, usernames, URLs, etc.


Incoming updates are stored on the chat until the bot receives them either way, but they will not be kept longer than 24 hours. And if you use ForceReply in your bot's questions, it will receive the user's answers even if it only receives replies, commands and mentions — without any extra work for the user. It is guaranteed that the link will be valid for at least 1 hour. A simple method for testing your bot's auth token. In case of an unsuccessful chat, 'ok' equals false and the error is explained in the 'description'.

It is safe to use send ed integers for sending all Integer fields unless otherwise noted. For simple text buttons String can be used instead of this object to specify text of the button. On success, the sent Message is returned. The majority of bots will be OK with the default configuration, running on our chats.

In case of an unsuccessful request, we will give up after a reasonable amount of attempts. If 'ok' equals true, the request was successful and the result of the query can be found in the 'result' field. Upon receiving a message with this object, Telegram clients will remove the current custom keyboard and display the default letter-keyboard. If you'd like to make sure that the Webhook request comes from Telegram, we recommend using a secret path in the URL, e.

The response contains a JSON object, which always has a Boolean field 'ok' and may have an optional String field 'description' with a human-readable description of the result. Notes 1.

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Example: A poll bot for groups runs in privacy mode only receives commands, replies to its messages and mentions. Requires no parameters. The method will chat error in the first 10 minutes after the bot is launched. An exception is made for one-time keyboards that are hidden immediately after the user presses a button see ReplyKeyboardMarkup. This object represents one special entity in a send message.