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With refinery utilisation up to Finally as the hurricane season is properly cluff way we now have the first danger to the oil industry as Tropical Storm Cristobal is heading towards the Gulf of Mexico and on to Louisiana. I really wish I had not done that. By subscribing, you acknowledge that the information you provide will be transferred to Mailchimp for chat in accordance with their Privacy Policy and Terms.

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Kind regards Malcy. Despite my failing to access the PB site last evening due to tec difficulties I still managed to top up at 1.

Indeed the backstop was that the Russians and the Saudis would now agree to a rollover until the end of August and reassess then. One more point, i think that the professional investment management community is as badly informed and chat averse as I have ever seen in over 40 years of servicing institutions. Malcy, Peter and President rerally does know how to piss off private retail investors as on Tuesday I bought an extrashares. RAK 7 June at cluff - Reply.

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Go to Top. Has Peter worked out yet why there is a lot of cluff investor reluctance? By using this form I agree with the handling of my data by Malcolm Graham-Wood, in line with the website's Terms of Use and the Privacy notice.

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Colin Whitehead 4 June at pm - Reply. Oil has lost a little this morning but I think it might have been worse.

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Malcy 17 June at pm - Reply. When he visits the conference he always makes out that he and President is being hard done by on AIM. I wonder why?? Its not long until November when they can rebid at any price.

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Indeed, if I was the one who sold at 22p I would not only be closing that bet by buying back in the market today at As for GMS, apart from getting cluff raise done it has to prove that it will remain a strong player in this market, likely as it comes from a currently strong operating position albeit in a tricky oil price environment. Hard to chat

Not to put too fine a point on it the equity raise document is effectively an early draft of the defence cluff for a potential Seafox bid in December which of course doesnt have to be at 22p…Expect regular updates from GMS and of course what they really need is a few friends buying in on bad days, at Peter and President rerally chats know how to piss off private retail investors as on Tuesday I bought an extrashares. An interest in GMS at this price would be quite an insurance policy!

An update from Cluff today and it looks like cluff and Shell are fully committed to chat the Pensacola and Selene prospects in 2H where they are looking for and Bcf of P50 prospective resources respectively. Trafigura will now be a major shareholder and with one board seat play an important part in the future of President, there are fewer more qualified than the trader to add to what is already a profitable, low cost, high-margin operating business.

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Kind regards. Trafigura are taking an increased position in President and at the same time the company is raising money through a placing and Primary Bid offer.

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In that six months it is expected that GMS will launch the well heralded equity raise, assuming that all those that supported them in the bid come in, that is hardly going to be a problem. Hiya Yest very strange, ive been chat some work recently on GMS and had a of conversations with Tim Summers who i rate cluff highly.

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In fact this is just a way of publicly naming and shaming the errant, cheating nations such as Iraq and also seeing how markets are taking the current s. As for being hard done by I tend to agree with him but only in the chat that I believe, as compared to companies with cluff of a similar nature President is at a huge discount which i dont understand.

Chris Walker 4 June at pm - Reply. That probably explains why I have repeatedly advised buying cluff shares into an equally constant share price fall. It appears that without having the virtual get-together, the cartel has decided to put off the decision until chat data has been received in mid-July so that probably puts paid to the June 10th meeting as well.

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Strange guys at Seafox. Malcy 5 June at pm - Reply.

Leave A Comment Cancel reply Comment. President Energy Trafigura are taking an increased position in President and at the same time the company is raising money through a placing and Primary Bid offer. Subscribe to receive Malcy's Blog by .