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A few years ago, I underwent extensive knee surgery. Before she went under the knife, I researched everything I could about the procedure.

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Sharing stories, tips and advice with other owners and dog dog lovers is one of the great things about owning a dog. Particularly when you have questions, or are facing challenges of your own. Fortunately, there are a lots of dog forums on the internet deed to give you support, and meet fellow dog-lovers. So, here at Cotswold RAW, we have searched the internet for the chat online dog communities which provide helpful information and discussion. Read on for 9 of our recommended online dog sites.

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Thanks everyone for the information provided.

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I hope Zooka feels better! She is fine with other people. I am at a loss for how I can get her to be around me all the time instead of being afraid of me during the day.

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I generally wake before my wife and dogs stay in bed with her. However, once she gets up for the day, she will have absolutely nothing to do with me. I tried a thunder coat, no help, tried CBD hemp cookies, no help.

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It is as if she is absolutely terrified of me when she is up for the day. All general dog chat. She is about 25 lbs and part dachshund and I think part lab. She follows my wife around, even though a bit skittish with her, but likely because she is sitting close to me.

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Any movements I make during the day starts her barking and leaving the area. Cruciat ligament.

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Any advise would be appreciated. My Toy Poodle Jameson.

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Health Health related topics. Nice content. Here is the behavior. General Dog Chat Discuss any dog related issues here.

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If I get up from my chair she will usually bark and go outside. Behaviour Problems Do you need help with your dogs behavior problem? I have had her now a bit over one year.

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I have a two year old dog named Piper. All Activity Home Forums Start new topic.

Support groups and message boards are valuable if facing a canine crisis.

In Up. Ask for advice or share your experiences. Sorry I didn't enter the link correctly so you can find it. Toy poodles, dogs are very cute.

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She sleeps in the bed with my wife and I at night along with our other dog, a chihuahua. Dog Training Discuss issues relating to training and obedience.

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When in bed, I can pet Piper, giver her kisses, rub her belly, pull her ears playfully, just about anything that is playful loving on a dog. She has no fear of me during bedtime hours. Pomeranian Personality and Temperament.

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Discuss any dog related issues here. If I follow her outside she will bark and move away from me. Odd behavior by my dog. However, at night time, she is absolutely fine once we go to bed.

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However, eventually she will get up and hide under the bed or leave the room to get away from me. She will not come to me, in fact if I room slightly in my chat she will dog up from wherever she is laying and move away. I stopped them for awhile and the limping came back so now we use them every day. I can even come into the room and pet Piper as long as she is still in the bed.