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Hello there, I am currently looking for ways to promote my new website, its called e-chat.

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We use cookies for analytics, personalization, and. E-Chat has a consumer rating of 2. E-Chat ranks 59th among Chat sites.

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Pidgin-Encryption is a chatting platform that is known for providing transparent encryption to all the messages sends via its platform. It is one of the largest platforms over the internet that contains too many s of chat rooms. According to Riot. You can chat with anyone for free and without going through any hectic registration process at all.

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File and image sharing is also allowed. This platform can be used for both official and non-official purpose. Moreover, Otr. One of the unique thing about Otr. Moreover, it is a web browser-based chatting platform, so there is no need to install any software at all.

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Bit Chat is one of the best P2P, secure, and open source instant messenger that aims to offer the end to end encryption for privacy using an advanced level of the security system. It is straightforward to use, deploys the RSA encryption for performing multiple chatting and conversations.

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The peer to peer system of Bit Chat is much like BitTorrent, and there is no involvement of servers at all. All the process start from the creation of first that is free to create. Once you create your dedicated chat room, you will be given with username and password that you need to share with friends and families to chat.

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When for the first time you will log in to the ZChat, you will come across to meet, date, and even chat with the other people in which you are interested in. In short, it is one of the best messengers that aimed to offer its users end to end encryption. Many online platforms are being used across the globe for performing chatting in which All4Masti is also the most popular one.

Up to fifty with can a single group.

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This will make the chat members customize and contribute to the code, and everyone can benefit from the speed of community innovation. The with about ChatSecure is that it is now offering its users to connect with their existing Google s as well.

ZChat is the best platform for experiencing the natural and user-friendly chatting around the globe from both mobile and web browser of the desktop. Kandan is the name of an open-source and secure chat for communicating with your beloved ones. One of the best fact about this chatting solution is that it supports both XMPP and OTR that helps you solve all the major chatting related issues. You can even create the group based chatting rooms as well. ChatSecure with deploys open source cryptographic libraries to create their conversations private and secure.

There are no hard and fast rules at all while using Cyph for communication purpose.

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Just send the link of Cyph to your friends with whom you want to chat, and here the process of chatting begins. You and your friends are not required at all to download any software or go through any registration process. As you can create the group, you can make the invitation to your friends and family members if they are at ChatStep and instantly start collaborating and chatting.

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Kandan is now available for most of the web browsers. It comes with a clean interface to deliver a decent type of chat environment. It basically encrypts the messages itself before they dispatch from the browsers. The ultimate aim of any messaging and chatting platform is to provide the security to every one of its users.

It delivers a high level and a broad range of cryptographic attacks and very strong client-side with as well. People across the globe are part of this no-abuse and no-spam platform. E-Chat is a website that offers a lot of chat rooms where chat lovers can talk online with each other.

All4Masti is a chat where you can talk with many people for free without any payment and registration.

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You can use this platform for multiple functions; either it is video calling or transferring files with others. Cyph is a free chatting website that provides its visitors with a secure and safe chatting environment. The website provides a conducive chatting environment to its users so that they can connect with other people from different areas of the world.

There is also has a chat that will enable team members to collaborate and work together seamlessly. You can use its modular plugins just as a wrapper for transporting the encrypted binary chat the instant messaging pipe. In a simple word, Kandan is s safe, fast and stable communication platform based on the rails, free and open-source code that is distributed the AGPL.

In case you are looking for chatting room for the friendship purpose then we at this with are presenting you the All4Masti where you will be able to find best in the class chatting rooms. The live team chat system of Kandan will make you able to share ideas, code, and files with the other team members in a real-time environment as well.

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You are not required to install Java and Flash Player as well. Both options are open all the time. It offers an opportunity for its users to send and receive unlimited messages without any cost or limit. Its protocol is secured with the AES bit encryption.

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The interface of E-Chat is straightforward, responsive, and contains limited options and functions only. ZChat support for multiple communication either it is chatting, flirting, or even arranging dates with girls and boys. Also, it offers the open-source code so that the users can inspect its with. Kandan provides the chatting rooms that are chat for all chatting either it is individual to individual chatting, teams chatting, project chatting, entire departments chatting, and much more.

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You can call it a shared workstation and communication platform over the internet where you can communicate with others for free. It contains multiple types of plugins that offer extra features. For the information of the readers, the chat room available at the platform of ChatCrypt is not listed anywhere. There are multiple chat rooms for various countries and includes girls chat rooms, mobile chat rooms, and much more.

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The main feature of the Pidgin-Encryption is that it creates a private and chat key pair for the users while loading the plugin. According to most of the internet users, ChatCrypt deploys a military with of security encryption during chat messages. ChatStep offers two options to its users: firstly create your own chat group, secondly, the existing ones and start chatting and collaborating with others.

It is up to you whether you want to create a permanent or wish to chat as a guest. Right at the platform of ZChat, you will be able to chat and interact with others in a funny style. All chat rooms are highly responsive and require no plugin at all.

ZChat is a free chatting platform that supports chatting from almost all countries. It is a standalone messenger for both LAN and internet chat that is backed with end to end chat. In case you want to define your own set of with, then you can go for it. According to All4Masti, it assures the quality chatting room to its users.

If talk about the security level of Otr. The key features of the Otr. In short, Otr. ChatCrypt is one of the best websites for creating their specialized encrypted chatrooms for making a chat with your beloved ones.

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It also transmits the public key to other users as well and supports for all bit keys from — Its other feature includes automatically saves the key for the authorized users, simple interface, embeds all encryptions system and keys inside the HTML so that if other users do not have the plugin, they will get a with saying about the plugin and much more. It chats not those systems at all that generates the metadata.

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The main feature of this platform is that you will be able to meet new people who hold the same interests that you have. You can even make your chat rooms as well which makes it better than others.

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In addition to being free, Riot. That means no one will be able to read the messages except the participants who are the part of the discussion because of having the same secret password. Moreover, they can create the new s on their public XMPP withs, including Tor as or can connect with their first server for getting additional security.

Here you can make encrypted messaging with others without feeling any threat or chat afraid from agencies or lone hackers. The current version of Pidgin-Encryption is widely available for the Windows version of Pidgin as well.

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ChatStep is a platform for chat online at both individual and group levels. The other unique and exciting thing about Pidgin-Encryption is that it is modular and extensible. The withs of Bit Chat are divided into secure and chat to peer section. This platform can be used by friends and family members as well. Your friends at the other side are required to use that username and password you have provided them.

As you enter into the website, you are free to make conversation with anyone just by inviting the person first. All4Masti is all about entertainment and fun.