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Being unapologetic within me. A playful, earnest, authentic expression zinging with optimism and energy. Much like her art, she lives, breathes and dresses in colour — in pistachio greens, praline, pink and mustard.

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And I love showing skin. She sees beauty in the mundane and articulates it via sunny still-life and lovely portraiture. While her earlier work was rooted heavily in dance, her recent music is richer, treacly and full of soul.

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Rechelle Mansour is not afraid to say yes. Then the left-brainers — the logic-led, linear thinkers who favour sequencing and science. Dabbling in and quickly ducking from fashion, Penfold picked up a paintbrush and began leveraging her art the way any modern artist does — via Instagram. I love looking at something with fresh eyes. Her curious juxtaposition circles back to her artistic sensibility and personal style; a little off-kilter yet considered.

Thrives, in fact. This is, in part, because of an unerring restlessness. Her music, too, informs her personal style and vice versa. They both love singing. Polo Portraits Heroines of the new decade; an artist, an architect, a dancer and a rapper walk into a studio.

While she has a strong sense of fashionability, Mansour is not limited to the confines of trend-based or societal style norms, but boundless in her approach of fashion. A kind of perfect alchemy, both sides of her personality come together in the practise, a discipline that fosters both her creativity and her tendency to plan.

Digressing into a study which lent itself to her cerebral dichotomy, she found the missing piece in architecture. A wobbly bunch of anemones.

Considering her pious upbringing, it makes sense: the soul genre deeply rooted in African-American gospel music, the tie between music and religion is palpable in her own existence, too. LaForest Pradet is, crediting her mathematician father for her fortitude for analysis, and her school teacher mother for her creative spirit.

Red lobster legs. It presents as a kind of digital, interactive gallery rich in resplendent colour, broad strokes and reflective of that surrealist, painterly Zeitgeist of today. But along with seraphic sirens and nudists lolloping on the rocks, her work also explores the human condition and our planet, both its fragility and its beauty.

After falling out of love with sport and in love with rap, the then year-old Maidza walked into her local music centre where she learnt the basics. An advocate of circular fashion, she buys to keep.

She is proud to show off her body, something she says derives from her profession. And then I always took dance class and piano class, and architecture is a good balance between the artistic side and the logical side.

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The white tablecloth of a taverna. It was so new to me, as well. But given her artistic verve, experimenting with beauty and fashion is just another form of creative expression for Mansour, who maintains she is deeply exploratory when it comes to her style.

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I try to be really broad with my talent and level it up, as well. I love the time away from a piece, to meditate over it. She sees both the beauty and the utility, and more importantly, the beauty of utility.

And lots of different fabrics and textures. This natural voyeurism and vulnerability to structure led LaForest Pradet to architecture, a discipline where her sensitivity to form was truly realised. I started writing poems and decided to go into the local music centre where I learnt how to record and put songs together.

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She has distilled the polar sides of her parents into her number, and indeed her life. I made a line and it was picked up by Triple J. Enamoured by both the process and the challenge of pitching songs to producers, Maidza says she was first drawn to hip-hop because it was so incongruous with the Australian music landscape.

Off chat, she is mellow and mild but emanates a quiet confidence, her marble-round eyes hold your gaze gently yet emphatically. She dances and sings in a multiplicity of styles free has even seen her a circus troupe. One scroll of her feed and it makes sense. Shards of sunlight. Her love for music was born from faith and family. The more I think about it I find links and it all makes sense. You want her pieces to adorn your home, her swishes of red and ochre and putty elverum from your wall. On set she is drawn to a houndstooth midi dress conflated with another print, a chequered slip-on in black and white, both interesting and nostalgic.

While the collusions of love, gender and community battle it out beautifully, her lyrics and poetry are woven with introspective references to her own life.

Travel animates both the girl and her art — every year she decamps to Europe for three months to coincide with the European summer. When it comes to her personal style, she skews to the left: methodical, constant and routine.

They say people are either right-brained or left-brained — but rarely both.

The almond skin, the wiry curls, the walnut eyes — her beauty needs no embellishment. When I started architecture, we built wood models together for my school projects. With wide eyes the colour of hot espresso and olive skin so glowy it almost detracts from her shiny dimples, Penfold feels full of hope.

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