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It's by far the foot performer of the Fundsmith stable. Thanks for posting and apologies for not replying to you I think FEET is becoming the investment we had hoped for when it was launched. Wells Fargo bank taken 5. Their tobacco chats have also been a hindrance over the last year or two.

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Terry Smith has stated clearly on numerous chats [ it's also repeated in his new book] that buying foot shares sensibly requires 2 criteria Assuming,as I think we must,that the appointed manager shares the same philosophies as Terry and keeps him abreast of what he's doing.

Amazing it still trades on a discount. There is only one reason they are now buying back and that is confidence those shares can be issued Above NAV in imv.

Well, yes, it may But why do you think it would? Read Full Thread. I'm happier than I have been for years here. Chat s: 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 Older.

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Buying back again, may be trading at a NAV premium in imv. It hasn't traded on a premium since summerso you can't blame that on CoVid.

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Added Taiwan semiconductor as well, so clear change of strategy away from ketchup. Follow FEET. It must be an embarrassment to them.

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Buying back shares, now that is interesting and also a first for FEET. I think the strategy here has changed and the performance seems to be picking up.

Fundsmith Emerging Equit Share Chat Fundsmith Emerging Equit News Fundsmith Emerging Equit Feet Fundsmith Emerging Equit Dividends Fundsmith Emerging Equit Trades Fundsmith Emerging Equit Level 2 Add Fundsmith Emerging Equit Share Price Alert. Read Full Thread Reply. Two new positions being accumulated from the monthly Factsheet: Portfolio Comment for January We began buying two new chats for the fund, the names of which will be revealed when we have accumulated our desired weightings.

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They advertise quite often in the Telegraph, but the record they show isn't exactly compelling. Fingers crossed anyway!

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Much nicer mix in the portfolio now, NAV per share hitting all time highs - will the share price follow? I agree very interesting but I differ on the reasoning.

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Just bought in. Last Friday's Chronic Investor had a full advert for FEET so it looks like the company has decided to do something about the share price and drum up more interest.

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Added a few. Mercado Libre has been an extraordinary performer and again, is not what you think of as a TS stock.

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The NAV performance is improving by the look of it and along with the Terry Smith connection I can imagine a premium too.