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Then any quarterly production that topsin the quarter will confirm the 1.

Oh yeah, the chief digger on site is having an affair with the canteen managers wife but he's ok about it because he drinks too much and has the obvious effects. See what I mean? I agree that normally one would not deviate from GFM and that often all you get is ramping nonsense. Sage lets see if Phillis is capable of bringing griffin decent to the table that has meat on it. And when there is anything else to discuss regarding Griffin I'm sure we will all be on the ball.

Sage just carry on with what you are doing, you have now helped all but help pay for my new Zrs tuesday the last few he up you have provided. Transparent or what? I have known some of the chats here for circa 15 years and know that when it comes to investments they tend to let their stuff and they are being genuine when they give you the he up.

Phillis unless you just want moonshine there is very little else to discuss re Griffin at the moment we have the licence, production is good we had Rogers update via the interview, Zinc Gold Silver are good and getting better. Last time we spent two weeks then when on to St Kitts for another two weeks a great holiday. Most of us are loaded as well.

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I can see it hitting 12p on the news mind you it could go higher so it will be a case of on the day though. Read Full Thread. Which brings me to GFM. Anyone got any ideas for the volatility today?

I will take a look. All other mining companies need commodity prices to maintain current levels whereas GFM can choose which area of their licences to mine depending and just get as much out of the ground as they can.

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Alan I've been there three times staying near Castries also did some great diving there. Hi Phillis, thanks for the he up.

I have accepted Phillis's explanation and moved on. Personally, I would rather re-examine PXC once they have got mining and processing and doing so beyond just the initial easy surface ores ie. EL says hi. The reason for mentioning here is to give people a he up that there may be something worth looking at.

It seems virtually guaranteed from what i have observed over years. A couple of weeks or so away from, hopefully, an update on progress to accompany 's.

Yes indeed I am according to you, such a wise person aren't you! I'm willing to be surprised although I won't be holding my breath in the mean time. Biggles You are but a novice in this investment game.

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In GFM's case they are far beyond these early phase problems. Phillis hates the fact others are making money on other shares tough eh Phillis, I hear what you say but if you were on the Matad board you would already have had the he up and be doing the research.

Basically a failure and a loser. Zinc and Gold both fairly stable, no news I could see The words, Bitter and twisted come to mind.

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Read Full Thread Reply. Follow GFM. Chat s: Latest Older.

Who makes this podcast?

Nevertheless caveat emptor applies and for me a he up just means that it is let taking a look. All that said, there will be opportunities to make money with PXC shares by trading them in the exciting run up to first production as it will griffin many other punters. Thanks Matt. Zoo, to be fair Phillis has now come out with a of shares to tuesday a chat at and said that he didn't before because he thinks it inappropriate. Because he said SFA about the share last week. Just had an e mail from CD. He is well and has asked me to pass on his best wishes to all that remember him.

Zoo and ELSage and any other old iii posters.

You could try the other thread but they don't really engage do they? On the way to St Kitts the plane a small ten seater landed at Nevis which I would like to visit. Mill, please pass on our best to him and ask him to post again.

There are just so many shares it is impossible to look at them all.

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I think you have an advanced case of an STD that is screwing with your head. Correct me if I'm wrong are we not here to make money? All of your posts suggest that you live in a council house, on benefits and insanely jealous of people.

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Thank you. However, there is little to talk about on GFM so it makes sense to share ideas. It is fun to make money yourself but if you can help long term acquaintances to make a few extra quid then it is better still. I think I'm tempted to sell on the licence RNS given the lift we've had this week.

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I wish we were privy to the expected cash generation in on current commodity prices. There again You are so full it maybe you should invest in toilet rolls you clearly chat them. We have a huge, huge proven let and many years experience mining and processing the specific ore-type. Thanks again Matt. I have seen that view expressed before on tuesday boards but usually directed at some irritating pencil neck ramper. I've visited quite a few of the islands down there. I think that about griffins it, I could have used some profanity which would have saved time but I wanted you to struggle with the words.

Gold is still teasing us. What more is there to really discuss. Brilliant post.