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Open Now. Some dishonest companies even put strict conditions on returns and cancellations that can make it next to impossible to stop deliveries and billing. No one wants to be without their hard-earned money, because you forgot to cancel a free trial, so if you really want to try the product here are tips offered by the Federal Trade Commission on how to avoid unwanted fees:. All-in-all, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Grinnell State Bank provides links to web sites of other organizations in order to provide visitors with certain information.

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The College does not offer prearrival storage.

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You must print all three s in color and it in blue ink. This may mean additional time for an exam or technology to help with notes for a student who has a documented learning disability, a room on a first floor for a student in a wheelchair, or the use of an assistive learning technology such as Read and Write Gold for reading text on a computer.

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You should complete these forms prior to your arrival. You will meet the IPOP mentors and your FIS hostget to know staff and faculty, and have a great time exploring new surroundings and making new friends.

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This process is slightly different if you enter the U. Your prearrival checklist will include a form from Academic Advising, asking you to state preferences for your First-Year Tutorial course, which is required of all first-year students. If the officer has additional questions, you might be redirected to secondary inspection. Contact the airline to find out the weight limitations. Our team is dedicated to helping you be successful, and to helping Grinnell College be International Student Friendly. For your first trip to Grinnell we strongly recommend flying all the way through to the Des Moines International Airport — especially this year, in the midst of a global pandemic.

Some students purchase e-books to read from their laptop or Kindle.

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Student rooms are equipped grinnell a study desk, chair, chest of drawers, and a bed. Your expected fall arrival date will be posted soon. The F-1 visa allows you to enter the U. You must enter the U. When you enter the U. Financial documentation may also be requested. Students pursuing a liberal arts education — at Grinnell and elsewhere — take a wide variety of courses and do not declare a phone until their second year.

Grinnell students are also involved in club sports like Frisbee and water polo ; intramural sports like badminton; cricket; or Ping-Pong. For DIII athletes, academics remain the primary focus. You are encouraged to accept this position, but you free also have the option to pursue other positions on campus.

In August, you will be able to chat your personal campus mailbox and combination via GrinnellShare. Think carefully as you pack for this adventure.

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This is standard procedure. The information below will help you prepare for the adventure! If you have questions about athletics at Grinnell, feel free to coaches directly, contact International Athletes and Alliesor visit the Athletics Department website.

The I is updated electronically every time that you exit and re-enter the country, so we will advise you to maintain printed copies of each entry.

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You will meet during NSO, at which time you will register for the rest of your courses. Claim your luggage and pass through U. CBP procedures.

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The more you bring, the more you have to haul through the airport, load onto the bus to Grinnell, and carry up the stairs to your residence hall room! We predict, however, that you will experience a successful entry. As a Grinnell student, you have the privilege of developing your own program of study, and your academic adviser will help you with your course selection through individual advising sessions.

To prepare, read Academic Planning for New Students.

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First year international students in the class of must arrive on Sunday, Aug. Sessions will run from Monday through Thursday. There is no local taxi so they should rent a car at the airport or stay within walking distance of campus. Students can learn new sport and recreational activities for credit through the physical education activity class curriculum.

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Most international students arrive on their own and parents do not need to accompany you. The College will offer virtual orientation sessions for parents in August, including a session with staff from the OISA. There will also be time to open a bank and complete your medical check-in and any needed arrival vaccination s.

If you arrive before Aug. Late arrivals require advance permission from the OISA and late entries can result in a denial at the U. Port of Entry. If the inspecting officer asks why you wish to enter the U. They will take your photo and fingerprints. We look forward to meeting you! Items like a study lamp, wastebasket, or school supplies, will be easier to buy here after you arrive.

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This allows you to become familiar with several academic fields and gain a better understanding of the intersections among disciplines, while also developing mastery in one chosen field of interest. Many students purchase or rent books through online providers at a lower cost. If you need to ship items, you can mail them to yourself, but the chat may not arrive trial to Aug.

Each daymillions of people pass through U. Department of Homeland Security requirements will affect your entry experience, so be prepared to approach it with a positive attitude. If you order linens bed sheets and towels via Dorm Coprior to July 15your items free be delivered to your residence hall room prior to your arrival!

Open campus positions are posted online grinnell the Handshake phone on the Careers, Life, and Service website. You are welcome to reach out with questions to OISA. Grinnell College strives to create an environment that allows people of all abilities to do their best work. Grinnell is an International student friendly campus and we are all eager to meet you. If you plan to remain on campus during winter or summer break, it would be wise to look for a campus job that also hires students during breaks. Des Moines is located about 80 kilometers 50 miles west of Grinnell — a one-hour drive from campus.

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This class emphasizes the skills you need to be a successful at Grinnell — critical reading, writing, discussion, and oral presentation skills. Your adviser will introduce you to the options available and will help you select an array of courses spread among the humanities, sciences and social studies. In many educational systems around the world, university students are expected to focus on a specific field of study.

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If they need assistance with airport transportation, the FM Airport Shuttle link will offer instructions to schedule a driver this additional support is only available for international families. There is a landline telephone on every residence hall floor for emergency purposes, but there are no telephones in the individual student rooms. Beginning June 1, you will be able to choices online, and you will be notified about your tutorial placement before you arrive. An accommodation is any adjustment, modification, or service that allows an individual to experience better access to an environment.

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If your family does plan to travel to Grinnell, however, you must make their lodging arrangements in advance. Your prearrival checklist will include links to employment information, and forms through our payroll provider Paycor which will be sent in early August. You will learn about F-1 status and the regulatory and cultural issues that impact your time at Grinnell. Once you have entered the U. We will help you do this during IPOP. There will be one final step to complete in-person during IPOP since it requires presentation of your immigration arrival documents.

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Most students carry a personal cell phone and secure a U. You will need to buy or rent the textbooks that are required for each of your courses. If you order late or purchase items through a different vendor, be forewarned that private packages are only available in the College Mail Room during business hours Monday — Friday, 8 a.

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F-1 students are ased a campus job upon arrival, which has the added bonus of helping facilitate your access to a U. Social Security. Students who only enrolled online during and plan to enter the U. The information below might also be helpful to you. It is realistic for students to work hours per week.

Your tutorial instructor will serve as your academic adviser for your first two years at Grinnell. Textbooks are costly, but you can save money by purchasing used books or by renting them from the Grinnell College Pioneer Bookshop.