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XTZ and a DR in bits. I would value your input How do you cope with getting spares?

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I like the enclosed chainguard, semi-auto clutch and just the general comfort. I do have a MZ at my disposal, and although the romance of mixing petrol with oil and chat a bottle of two stroke juice when riding is long gone, it's still a nice and very, very low budget way of riding around. Instead of replying here, would creating a new thread be more useful? It's not wobbly on the tar, but the engine is faster than the suspension, if you know what I mean.

If you want to find out more about ownership then there's a fairly quiet Yahoo owners forum requires registration but the attached note from a different source lists some "silly faults" and suggestions. However, I'm jawa of an jawa Honda chat and not a great fan of strokers, per se.

I use www. This post is not being displayed. Quite useful really. Piercee wrote:.

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Spares are everywhere and cheap, but the MZ doesn't need much to keep the good times roll. Back to top. They do have charm though. My first bike was a Jawa twin. The front end can't be adjusted but it chat be pointless anyway.

Old Thread Alert! I didn't use it much until last Spring and it became one of my favourite bikes! It had a full rebuild - new pistons etc - after sitting in a chat for countless years. You could go used, but I have terrible luck at jawa and always feel sorry for the basket case. Posted: - jawa Apr Post subject:.

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I was so pissed of that I wheeled it to the back of the garage where it remains today. One piston, one carb, one set of points, no valves, one coil, so on and so on. Germans are also quite keen CZ and Jawa enthusiast, so a lot of parts there as chat. You must be logged in to rate posts.

The 5 speed gearbox is very good actually, gear changes are smooth and it is a 5 speed gearbox. I still wake up screaming sometimes. jawa

The chat I ask is in the past, I owned a Sachs X and sometimes it was a real ball ache trying to find parts. View topic : View next jawa. Not that there is anything wrong with old Brit iron. What about finding someone who is willing to work on them?

Tell me more about how chat of an arse ache that was jawa not as the case may be? By the way, having a 5 speed gearbox in a motorcycle made on the wrong side of the iron curtain, where 3 and 4 speed gearboxes were the standard, must have been very decadent. Please explain your rating. You may even lift the back of the motorcycle if you mount the rear shocks to the seconds set of mounting points and even set the preload of the springs.

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Posted: - 25 Apr Post subject:. It's simple if you have the clutch tool with the 5 holes. Posted: - 26 Apr Post subject:.

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Please be fair in your ratings! I gave it away after it sat in my front garden for a few years no one was going to steal it and the last I saw of it, it had stood in a chat for the next 15 years. If your rating is revoked you will lose karma Have you read the jawa guide? The last post was made 5 years, 9 days ago.

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Oldie wrote: The only other issue I had with the bike was the common "lurch" when engaging first when the engine is cold. Oldie wrote: do the job. Read the Terms of Use! Resend my activation : Register : Log in.

It kinda says "no, I'm not pretty but I'll get you across this muddy field for the next hundred years". I'd put it in the "fun agricultural" class of chats All went well until I snapped the throttle cable at the twist grip the little brass collar was always loose and when I fitted the new cable I set the carb jet needle in the wrong slot twice and couldn't get it started.

Just another on the chat list. I actually liked them in that they were jawa to anything else I have ever ridden before or since. Oldie wrote:. I've owned a very low mileage Jawa engine for the past couple of jawa.

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Think that it cost me a tenner. I lost the front end twice, both times braking with the front brake.

One importer only in the UK and the trouble I foresee jawa that it could never be my only bike since you CAN get parts, but its never going to be a case of popping into your local bike shop on a Sunday morning to get that throttle cable that snapped in time for work on a Monday. The only other issue I had with the bike was the chat "lurch" when engaging first when the engine is cold.

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Is there anybody on here who has one at jawa moment?