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Think of the surge as if you are riding a bike but only peddling with one foot.

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Sounds like an annoying kid rolling a ball bearing around in a coffee can. OOk, You hit the nail on the head with the description of the problem. Log in Register.

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Has anyone here tried adding Lucas Oil Stabilizer, or some other thick gooey additive that actually stopped the noise without destroying the transmission? When the windows are up you can't hear the rattle. I'm no expert and if anything I say is way off base feel free to correct me. Noise did not change. I drained it IAW the DIY guide on this site very helpful pics whoever did that little writeup and topped the transmission off with genuine VW A72 oil pretty sure it was A72 It's a grey bottle from VW that didn't hardly have a word of English on it and stunk to high heaven.

Of course, everyone perception is different Forsome my knowledge the car has the chatter VW oil in it. Clayslayer said:. I just changed out my dmf for a 14 lb smf and I have looking serious gear chatter. What weight flywheel did you install? Search forums.

The original dual mass flywheel was replaced with a solid flywheel stupid idea as far as noise was concerned. I'll have a go. At least now I know the clutch is in good shape Car functions perfectly though. Shifting is spot on. What are you using for oil, right idle Is there an additive like Lucas Oil Stabilizer or something like that that will reduce annoying manual transmission noise at idle in neutral? It's useless. I filled the transmission with the car level until it ran out the filler hole, put the plug back in and went.

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The noise was very noticable with the old worn out DMF. I ordered a 17lb SMF and a new clutch from boraparts and had them put in. Push the clutch in and it's silent. The car refuses to die, not that I'm complaining. I did order two new bottles of tranny fluid VW brand at the time and told the mechanic to change the transmission fluid while he had it all apart.

Neutral Idle Chatter. However when it does it all I have to do is rev theengine a little and it goes away. For those that will actually be helpful read on Called Aaron from Boraparts and told him looking it, he forsome clutch was probably bad and that a new flywheel forsome help matters just. The tranny requires a synthetic gear oil that meets VW's specs don't have the specs in front of me at the moment.

Obviously that is idle but it gives you the idea. Colby Webre Well-known member. Running it low on oil is not a good thing to do Good luck and Welcome to TDIclub. I'm not sure how to check the fluid level or how to add "correctly". Did you use the proper fill procedure for your generation of car? Also the chatter will be affected by what gear oil is used and how full the tranny is.

At a drive through I have to chatter the looking in. Tell me to use the SEARCH chatter and I'll track you down, tar and feather your friends, eat your children, poison your well, abduct your dog, and squirt your cat with a super soaker. It is known as flywheel chatter or gearbox chatter. I don't live on this damned site. I'm sure that 8 to 10 hours with the useless SEARCH function would have yielded a very small amount of absolutely useless information.

When the engine is idling, the flywheel doesn't turn smoothly it "surges" with the firing of the cylinders. Typically you may opt for a lighter than idle flywheel to get some benefit of reduced rotational mass. New posts. Last edited: Aug 4, Ol'Rattler Top Post Dawg. The OEM dual mass flywheel has inertial dampening weights with springs that absorb this just revolution to smooth it out.

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My old '90 Jetta does the same thing. At least as far as I can tell that's what it is called. The noise is It still sounds like I'm rolling a metal ball bearing around in an old steel coffee can with the clutch out. It's the gears in the tranny actually making the noise as they click together while the spin unloaded in neutral. He topped it off and gave me back a full unopened bottle and one with about 6 ounces gone The noise is loud. It's the gears in the tranny making the noise, not the clutch or flywheel.

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Oil additives are normally not needed and not recommended. If you think it is the original oil in it with that many miles then it's time for some fresh lube.

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I've changed the oil etc. What would an oil additive do for the oil that a high qualilty synthetic gear oil can't do? That's in miles. Soooo basically I have an incredibly annoying noise from my transmission when the vehicle is in neutral with the clutch "out".

Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. To eliminate this noise simply keep the clutch depressed when at a stop light. This surging cause the gears to "clack" on their backlash which gives you that annoying "bag of marbles" sound. From what I've read there's nothing really 'wrong' with the transmission it's just really annoying. That or push in the clutch.

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I know that the only real fix would be to order a new DMF but I really don't want to dump that much money to replace a perfectly good SMF. I know that I cannot eliminate the noise but is there something I can do to reduce it? I used royal purple gear lube of the correct weight recommended by the vw dealer. Thread starter Clayslayer Start date Aug 3, Clayslayer Veteran Member. Yeah I know, a lot.

Hope this helps. Neutral Idle Chatter? Last edited: Aug 6, Im in concordance with ookpic.

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If you try and keep as close to stock weight you will have a minimum amount of chatter. Im not gonna lie I am taking a liking to it. The lighter the mass of the flywheel you are using will make the flywheel chatter more because it less and less dampening effect. Is there a particular fluid that is quieter? From what I've been told, it is more of an annoyance than an actual problem.

It could just simply be the tranny is low on gear oil and should be changed and the level topped off. Mileage isat the moment. Start with changing the oil. The "upgrades" helped nothing. Update: I changed the oil in the transmission.

Some say the benefit from having a lightened SMF outweighs the annoying noise. Resources Latest reviews Search resources. MPG is consistently 45 mpg give or take, tank after tank after tank after tank Ookpic Veteran Member. Media New media New comments Search media. Forums New posts Search forums.