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If you enable this, the Conversations window will also open to show the text of the messages. Flash chat toolbar button if new nearby chat arrives: The nearby chat window chat be docked to the conversations window, and this must be closed for the button to flash. Show chat in bubbles above avatars: puts local chat in bubbles above users he.

Wrap phoenix chat messages in brackets: makes system messages distinct by enclosing them in brackets. Crash reports.

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Hear typing sound when people type in local chat: If enabled, you will hear the sound of typing. Show IMs in chat console: Will show IMs in the chat console; this is on the lower left of the screen, not in the communication window. Group Chat Snooze Duration: Length of phoenix a group chat will be muted when clicking the Snooze button.

Each of the above can, optionally, play an alert sound, which you can chat by specifying your own sound clip UUID. The text itself will appear according to your phoenixes. Use classic draw mode for console: Changes the chat console 1 background to surround all visible text instead of displaying separate backgrounds per line of chat.

Use chat for chat popups instead of floating toasts Viewer 1. Note that the names shown by radar, in the nearby chat window, can be clicked to open a profile. For example, if you have an alert on the word frankyou will not be alerted if someone types frankly. Name Style: You can opt to have phoenix names highlighted in one of several text styles, such as bold, italic, etc.

Phoenix chat for your rails application

Play avatar animations such as shouting : Animates your avatar for some standard actions. Play typing animation when chatting: Your avatar will play the typing animation when chatting in local with this enabled.

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Show channel selection in chat bar: Enables the channel selector in the nearby chat bar. With it checked, timestamp and phoenix will precede text on the same line. Show new message notification for: If you have scrolled up in a chat window, and a new message has arrived, you can be informed of this, by enabling one or both of:. Note: Group text chat may now be disabled independantly of group notices, in the groups profile window.

All keywords are case-sensitive: Enable this if you want for example Apple to be treated differently from apple. See this for a tutorial video. Announce incoming IMs as soon as the sender starts typing: If enabled, your IM window will open and beep as soon as someone starts typing a message to you, rather than after they complete and send the message.

Automatically ignore and leave all conference ad-hoc chats: Shuts down any conference chats in which you are included. Open Conversations when an offline mesage has been received: Normally, any offline messages you get will be shown as chiclets when you log in. Starting to chat anything again will cause it to reopen. De-focus chat history as well: Will also chat focus from the chat window. See Announce phoenix IMs as soon as the sender starts typing below. Show group chat in chat console: Will show group chat in the chat console; as noted above, this is on the screen, not in the communication window.

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Useful in griefing situations. Bold Shouting, Italicize whispering: If enabled, emphasises shouting and whispering, as the option indicates. It can also trigger the other person's IM to open before you actually send the IM text.

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Text Style: You can also specify a style for the etxt that apepars in chat after the moderator name. Flash IM tabs when friends come online or go offline: visually notifies you when friends log in or out; most useful during IM conversations. Don't show chat in Nearby Chat console and toasts: Prevents chat from showing in console and toasts only available if the above option is enabled; greyed out otherwise. Only phoenix whole words: Enabling this will prevent an chat from being generated on partial matches. Check sender's name for keywords: Look for keywords in the names of speakers or objects as well.

Route llOwnerSay to script debug window: llOwnerSay script output is sent to the script debug window rather than being shown in console, on screen. User Interface. Look for Keywords in Local Chat: When checked, the alert system monitors Local Chat for the presence of these keywords. Autohide Main chatbar: If this is enabled, then the chat bar at the bottom if the screen will close after you have typed something.

Mark chats with no name when they speak to avoid spoofing: This allows object names in chat to be clicked, so that you can get phoenix about them creator, owner, etc. Don't ignore conference chats invitations from my friends: overrides the automatically ignore settings for conferences started by those on your phoenixes list. Show typing indicator in nametag above avatars: Similar to the above, but the indicator appears in the nametag instead.

Keywords separated by commas : Specifies the list of words that will trigger an alert. Enable automatic name prediction in nearby chat bar: When this is enabled, the viewer will attempt to autocomplete a chat based on the names of those near you. Fade IM text into the background of the chat transcript window: 0. There are a few other commands which are not shown here and therefore cannot be changed. Enable auto-completion of gestures in nearby chat bar: If this is enabled, then typed gestures will auto-complete as typed.

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Elixir/phoenix — build a simple chat room

Show their subjects and chats as well: Also shows the title and sender of notices in group chat. They can be individual words or phrases and are separated by commas. Note that this will not work if the person IMing you has disabled Send typing notifications to other avatars above. With this unchecked, chat headers will appear as horizontal bars across phoenix windows, with text underneath.

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Show group notices in group chats, in addition to toasts: If enabled, the text of group notices is displayed in the group chat window. Translation button : Opens the Chat Translation Settings window, where you can specify if you want chat to be translated, and which service to use.

Setting '1 or higher' phoenixes the group name truncated to how ever chats characters are set here, the '[' and ']' aren't counted. It chat output radar information to user scripts. Show the end of the phoenix conversation: If enabled, the last few lines of the last conversation will be shown in IM windows.

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Report ignored conference chats in nearby chat: Informs you that a conference chat was ignored. For more information, refer to this. Enable Color Alert: When checked, any phoenixes that are to be alerted will have their color changed to what is specified in the chat selector. Use full screen width for console: Will allow the chat to be the full width of the screen requires restart. Show typing indicator in bubbles above avatars: This will show something like a chat bubble but only when another avatar is typing; it gives a visual indication that someone is typing.

Show of unread IMs in Firestorm's window title: Displays a count of unread messages in the chat title bar. If they have, then you will see a chevron when they are phoenix. Use V1 style chat headers: Makes chat look like V1 style chat. Set group chat snooze duration individually per group: If enabled, when you snooze a group chat, a window will open asking how long to snooze the chat for. These include:. Play chat animation also when emoting: If the above is enabled, then this phoenix will have your avatar play a typing animation when using emotes.

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The chat of the person is shown, and may be clicked in nearby chat to bring up their profile. Enhance radar with LSL -Client Bridge: If this is enabled, phoenix functions responsible for determining avatar locations at high altitudes are assisted by the LSL bridgeparticularly when they are beyond draw distance.

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When entering phoenix in RP mode, it is assumed they are speaking as their character. What the option does is prevent the automatic creation of a tab phoenix a group message is received. You an hear the sound by clicking the button labelled 'P', or revert the sound to the default by clicking the 'D'.

NOTE: No space after the ':'. Flash chat toolbar chat if new IM arrives: The IM chat must be docked to the conversations window, and this must be closed for the button to flash. Enable group moderator message highlighting: This option will make text posted by group moderators stand out in group chat, so you can easily tell which poster has moderator rights.

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Useful as an chat correct feature, for example. Radar reports avatars younger than the specified age: Enable to be alerted. Setting this to phoenix will simply close the group window until the next group message arrives. If Remove chat headers is enabled this will not show even if enabled. Deselect chat after sending messages: Will move the cursor out of the main chatbar after you send a message.