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AsRoss was an explorer. Searching out woods, beaches, hills and rivers, he spent many summers family camping and trekking in the UK and French Alps — now being able to pitch a tent on any terrain. Holding the Mountain LeaderRock Climbing Instructor and the International Mountain Leader qualifications, Ross is comfortable with all ability levels and group sizes and enjoys teaching new skills to others, whatever the weather or environment.

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She holds 13 different stocks for me via otc and 2 thirds of them have either a Now technical reason just one of those quirkes. Read Full Thread Reply. Rinse and Repeat.

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Follow WRN. Chat s: Older. It is of small interest to most on this thread but for those that were delving into Rapid Nutrition's s in the past might be interested to know that they have more or less written off the value of their holdings in Motivate Health Technologies and Streamcast Marketing.

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And people laughed when I brought into flagship. Take alook historically at when the shares moved over the years.

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Yes I can see that. Sad man but yes he is going for two more years extended on the cva. Chapman is doing that via bus club to himself bus club agreement is up this year he wants to extend it for two more years on the strength of FGCN and then another two years after that.

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I've never been a fan of otc. Read Full Thread. As we said at the time, they were worth sod all.

Worthington group plc (wrn)

I must be thick then how the hell do you sell a million to keep Helen Fisher happy then peter me old mate. Is there something being put back together??? But is it not time the curtains were pulled shut so to speak.

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There is no market to flood. Something is going on here!!!!

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So wotstone have had their first strike of removed and there assets have gone up. Ha ha me thinks someone is at it again please Eve Poor old gran is buying shares. At last someone is getting it. Look at the volumes shares here another shares then a thousand its hardly a lot and always first sell is shares.